Avoid these 3 cancer-causing objects from your room

There are various causes that trigger cancer, some of these causes are related to an unhealthy lifestyle.
Smoking is one of the main causes of this disease. Other causes include not following a healthy diet, passive lifestyle, lack of hygiene, excessive alcohol consumption, genetics, etc.

Although we have mentioned the common causes of cancer above, you will be surprised to learn that certain things in your room can also cause cancer!
Cancer Causes in Your Bedroom
Did you know the various things in your bedroom can make you susceptible to cancer?
You will be surprised to know about most of these items:

  1. Air freshener
    Most of us like the pleasant aroma of air freshener.
    We often spray it in the bedroom, bathroom, even in the car and at work, but do you know this spray is also potentially cancerous?
    So avoid using it. You can replace air fresheners with flowers such as jasmine or rose, or you can prepare your own natural spray using essential oils and water.
  2. Synthetic leather furniture
    A plastic polymer called polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is used to prepare synthetic leather, which is dangerous.
    It also contains various other potentially dangerous chemicals.
    Therefore, you should avoid using furniture made of synthetic leather.
    In addition, avoid furniture made using melamine, particle board, medium density fiberboard furniture (MDF) because it contains toxic chemicals.
    Try buying solid wood furniture to stay healthy.
  3. Gadgets & electronic devices
    It is a common habit to put a cellphone near you while sleeping.
    Also to put a set of other electronic devices such as computers, TVs, etc.
    This device makes us exposed to electromagnetic radiation.
    This radiation is carcinogenic and long-term exposure to it makes us more susceptible to cancer.

A simple way to reduce cancer risk is to keep your cellphone in airplane mode while sleeping.
Or by turning off all devices and keeping them at a distance away from you.

This method not only helps prevent cancer, but also helps you sleep better.

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