Beware! This snack can be the cause of cancer

It’s better to prevent than cure, qthe saying has proven effective. If you have been affected by the disease, it will be even more difficult for the healing process.
Moreover, getting cancer, one of the deadly diseases that can affect anyone. For that, make it a habit to live healthy now.

To prevent this, you might be able to start by avoiding some foods.

Cancer prevention is also very important, considering that not infrequently it can be a disease that causes death.

Reporting from the Times of India, the following 10 foods you can avoid to prevent cancer from now on:

Choose Health rather than Taste
What we eat does not only affect our skin, hair, and weight.

Food can also do something more sinister, as well as encourage cancer.

So we have to pay attention to it carefully, choose foods that have good health benefits, than those that taste good.

Avoid Fast Food
In this era of fast food and packaged foods, we often forget the price to be paid with the ease of food available.
This is a list of foods that we should never put into our mouths:

Saturated fat
According to research published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology, total fat and saturated fat intake can increase the risk of lung cancer.
Well, we can find saturated fat intake in tempting fries.

According to research conducted by the American Institute for Cancer Research (AICR) and the World Cancer Research Fund (WCRF), drinking only a glass of alcoholic beverages can increase the risk of breast cancer.
Isn’t that enough reason to get rid of a glass of wine?

Crispy Potatoes
According to a study conducted by the British Food Standars Agency (FSA), our favorite crispy potatoes can wreak havoc on health.

Yes, the crispness of brown potatoes might give us a perfect taste, but it could also lead to the creation of acrylamide.

When starchy foods are cooked at high temperatures, acrylamide will be produced.

We recommend that you cook any starchy food (including bread) enough until it’s golden, don’t get dark brown.

These chemicals have the potential to increase the risk of cancer.

Drink hot coffee
Coffee and tea lovers beware!
While coffee and tea are not dangerous by themselves, if you are a fan of coffee or hot tea, you might be able to develop the risk of esophageal cancer.

Simply put, if we constantly expose our throat to hot-temperature fluid, it allows for the development of tumors.

Soft drink
This one is for those who cannot finish one meal without downing a bottle of fizzy drink.

Please note that a can of soft drink contains about 10 teaspoons of sugar.

This is not all, they can also increase the risk of cancer.
Yes, and for those of us who are happy to choose a soda diet can, be assured that it is not a healthier alternative, thanks to the artificial sweeteners in it.
Many studies have linked artificial sweeteners that are present in soft drinks with symptoms of obesity and stroke.

Processed Meat
Unless we are now living under a cave stone, it has become common knowledge that processed meat is a food that is bad for our health.
Now, this is the worst part.
Processed meats like salami and bacon can also contain nitrites and nitrates.
According to various studies, this chemical additive is related to cancer.

Popcorn Microwave
If next time we want to create an atmosphere like in a cinema, we suggest that we refrain from the temptation of ready-made microwave popcorn.
Actually, not popcorn is the problem, but the packaging is dangerous.

The popcorn wrap contains certain non-sticky chemicals.

When we heat the wrap, the chemical will go into popcorn.

One of them is a perfluorinated compound, which is present in the wrapper itself.

When we heat the wrap, the chemical will go into popcorn.

One of them is a perfluorinated compound, which is present in the wrapper itself.

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