Can blood cancer be caused from butt implants?

A study in the journal Aesthetic Surgery for the first time found a link between a butt implant and a rare type of blood cancer anaplastic large cell lymphoma (ALCL).

This case was known after researchers examined the case of a woman with ALCL who had previously undergone a butt implant.

“Unfortunately the patient’s condition worsened before we could explain something,” the researcher wrote as quoted by the Daily Mail, Friday (1/3/2019).

It was explained that the 49-year-old woman had a one-year texture implant before being diagnosed with cancer. The doctor found a bruise on the skin around the implant and the results showed that the implant was surrounded by fluid.

Cancer then spreads to the lungs of the woman. A biopsy test confirmed that the tumor in the lungs of the woman had an ALCL sign and even though she had been treated with malignant chemotherapy she died a few months later.

Previous studies have found that the same type of implant is also associated with breast cancer. Most cases of cancer appear about 10 years after a patient undergoes an implant.

“This case demonstrates that many textured implants can be risk factors for ALCL,” the researchers wrote.

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