can increase Cancer Risk, if after eating immediately sleep

There are some people who have the habit of sleeping after eating. This is usually caused by drowsiness due to satiety after eating.

However, who would have thought that going straight to bed after eating had very unexpected consequences.
Based on a recent study, if someone eats right before going to bed a higher risk of developing breast and prostate cancer.

“What we know from this experimental study is that our bodies have different conditions and functions at various times (day and night),” said Dr. Manolis Kegovinas, lead author of the study, quoted from CNN, Tuesday (07/17/2018) .

all living things, have adapted all the time to function differently during the day or night, “continued the professor at the Barcelona Institute for Global Health.
That is, there is the possibility of carrying out activities not in accordance with the circadian rhythm can lead to a higher risk of cancer.

However, scientists are not yet sure about the reasons behind the correlation.

The impact can be very important in cultures such as in southern Europe, where people generally eat dinner late (nearing bedtime).

In a research report published in the International Journal of Cancer, researchers recruited nearly 4,000 randomly selected participants. They are divided into two groups.

The first group was 621 people who had prostate cancer and 1,205 who had breast cancer. While the second group, 872 men and 1,321 female patients without cancer.

The second group is known as the control group.
Next, the participants were interviewed about when they ate and their sleeping habits. Participants also filled out questionnaires about their eating habits.

The researchers also considered each person’s lifestyle and chronotype. Chronotype is the tendency of people to move in the morning or evening (staying up late).
They also consider genetic factors (family history) and environmental effects.

As a result, the team found that people who had dinner before 9pm or waited two hours after eating before bed had a lower risk of prostate and breast cancer.

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