Can Masturbation Prevent Prostate Cancer, Must Believe It or Not? studies have linked masturbation with a reduced risk of prostate cancer. But it should be that the conclusion is not swallowed up, because there are a number of records behind it all.

One study concluded that this was done at Boston University. Mentioned, men who experience orgasm or masturbate 21 times a month have a 19 percent lower risk of developing prostate cancer.

Although there are various other studies with similar conclusions, in fact there has never been an official suggestion to masturbate frequently. There are some notes that should be considered before misinterpreting these conclusions.

Among them is that researchers never mention a causal relationship. There is a connection, but it is not stated that a reduced risk of prostate cancer is the effect of frequent orgasms and masturbation activities.

Similarly, when I asked that question to a urologist from Singapore. According to him, the notion that masturbation can prevent prostate cancer is wrong. So do men have to diligently masturbate so that they don’t get prostate cancer?

“No!” firmly Dr. Poh Beow Kiong, urologist at Parkway Hospitals, Singapore, was met recently in South Jakarta.

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