Here’s Ethics to Look For When Visiting Cancer Patients

The emotional support that cancer patients get from those around them has a positive effect on the treatment they are undergoing.

Research also reveals that strong support often provides a better quality of life for patients or survivors.

We can see how Ms. Ani Yudhoyono who is undergoing treatment for blood cancer in Singapore remains optimistic thanks to the support and prayers of many people.

Including visits by leaders such as President Jokowi and Singapore PM Lee Hsien Loong, to the National University Hospital where Ms. Ani was treated.

Cancer can make sufferers feel isolated. That is why, taking the time to visit us can distract him from cancer, which is now the main focus of his life.

However, know what ethics when visiting cancer patients:

  • Plan a visit by making a notification, it can be by phone or SMS text or WhatsApp. Ask if he is able to receive a visit or not. Understand that he cannot receive guests at any time.
  • If possible choose the time to visit on weekdays, because usually on weekends there are already many guests who come.
  • Most people are confused about what to say to patients.

Remember that what’s important is not what you say, but the presence and willingness to hear it.

Help the patient focus on what makes him mate, for example sports, pets, or new books from his favorite writers.

  • Avoid giving medical advice or opinions regarding drugs, vitamins, or eating patterns, especially if we don’t have enough knowledge.

Do not urge him to immediately fight his illness, if his condition at that time was indeed weak.

  • Avoid increasing it to previous behaviors or habits that might be related to the disease. Support and listen to his complaints, even his desire to remain silent.
  • It would be better if the visit was short, but often, rather than long but only came once.

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