How to treat cancer using the pet therapy method?

Every February 4, the Universe celebrates World Cancer Day. This is to increase awareness of cancer and encourage cancer prevention, detection and treatment.

Speaking of cancer treatment, it turns out that the path that can be taken is not only through radiation or chemotherapy.

There are many alternative treatments. One of the hospitals being developed in various countries is pet therapy or pet therapy.

Get to know pet therapy
Cancer therapy with pets began to develop and was seen by many when the Therapy Dogs International foundation was founded in the United States in 1976.
Long before that, around the 1800s pets had actually been seconded to treat patients with mental disorders.

This is based on the idea that animals live side by side with humans and can become friends with humans.
this therapy uses specially trained animals. The animals visit adults or children in the hospital to help them feel better emotionally and physically.

At first this therapy used dogs. However, nowadays therapy can also be done by cats.

Dogs or cats for therapy must be domestic animals that are kept, not wild animals.

These animals are first trained and must pass certification to join pet therapy.

Application of therapy
The application of therapy is done in an easy way.
The owner simply takes their pets on regular visits to hospitals that work together or place cancer treatment.

The visit is usually carried out in less than 2 hours and the animals are left to play freely with the patient for 15 or 20 minutes.

The choice of pets is usually adjusted to the patient’s condition, especially in dogs.

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