Know there are several types of cancer that can attack children

Cancer is generally known to attack adults. There are several causative factors in adults, such as smoking, unhealthy eating habits, and unhealthy lifestyles.

However, it turns out cancer can also attack children, and this is usually more difficult to know. Because children in general have not been able to express what they feel.

every year it is estimated that more than 175,000 children in the world are diagnosed with cancer. Sadly, 90,000 of them died because most parents were late to come to health services in following up on their child’s illness.

In fact, early discovery of cases of child cancer is the key to the success of cancer control in children. Therefore, parents need to know some types of cancer that often hit children, any cancer and what symptoms are experienced by children. Here’s the review:

Leukemia Cancer
This type of cancer is the highest case for children. According to Aisyi, leukemia occurs in 2.8 out of 100,000 children. This cancer can even attack children at the age of five.
The symptoms of leukemia are pale, weak, fussy children, decreased appetite, fever without cause. But we also need to see if there are physical changes in the body, such as enlargement of the liver, spleen, and lymph nodes. That can be leukemia.

Retinoblastoma cancer
As the name implies, this cancer attacks the eye area or retina in children. Cases that occur in children reach 2.4 / 100,000 children. usually this cancer attacks children under the age of five years.
Symptoms of this cancer are white eye beads, cat’s eyes, squint, eyes turn reddish, eyeball enlargement, inflammation of eyeball tissue, and blurred vision. If not treated immediately, this cancer can become malignant and the impact will at least cause blindness.

Osteosarcoma cancer
Another name for this cancer is bone cancer. This case affects about 0.97 of 100,000 children. This cancer is characterized by symptoms of bone pain at night or after activity, as well as swelling and redness around the bone.
Osteosarcoma only occurs in the limbs and arms. It’s cancer about 10-15 years in boys. Within 3 months it can spread to the lungs and it is very fatal. Treatment for amputation. It usually occurs in men who are tall in body.

Malignant Lymphoma Cancer
Cancer that attacks the lymphatic tissue attacks 0.75 individuals per 100,000 children. Usually, this cancer attacks children aged over 5 years.
Symptoms of cancer are indicated by swelling of the area around the child’s neck with a diameter of 2-3 cm. When touched, the lump does not feel painful, and even tends to be normal. However, usually the child will experience fever and excessive sweating at night.

Cancer of the Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma
Carcinoma is a malignant cancer in the area between the nose and throat. Early symptoms to watch out for are snot mixed with blood, runny nose and thick saliva, stuffy nose, nosebleeds and deafness next to each other.

This type of cancer has at least 0.43 children from 100,000 children.

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