These are 4 Dangers of vape cigarettes You Need to Know

Vape or Electric cigarettes are indeed a trend among today’s young people.

Many young people consume vape because it looks cool when sucking it. They feel the content of vape is safer than cigarettes.

But is it true that vape is safer?

You must know 4 dangers from the following vape.

  • Causes addiction like cigarettes
    Same with tobacco cigarettes, vape also contains nicotine, which means it can cause dependence.

People who use vape are still at risk of experiencing dependency, because tubes with high tension on the vape can drain large amounts of nicotine into the body.

According to Dr. Neal Benowitz from the Center for Tobacco Control Research and Education, there is no medical evidence that shows that vape can help stop tobacco addiction. Even in his research showed that reducing the nicotine dose did not bring any changes to smoking habits.

In addition, other studies report that the type of nicotine found in vape is actually the nicotine that is most easily absorbed by the body.

When you breathe nicotine, this substance will enter the brain in just about 10 seconds. The brain’s reaction to nicotine is producing adrenaline hormone, which makes you feel more energetic and energetic.

However, this effect is very quickly lost, which eventually makes your body become weak and not energized. So immediately you also feel the need to vaping again.

  • Bad for lung health
    Although not using tobacco, it does not mean the danger of vape is not harmful to the lungs. The nicotine content contained in the vape also has a bad impact on the lungs. Nicotine can cause inflammation of the lungs, reducing the ability of tissues to protect from foreign substances.

According to Irina Petrache, doctors and lung specialists at Indiana University, Indianapolis, found that nicotine from wherever it came from remained dangerous for lung tissue.

A study in Toxicology and Applied Pharmalogy, reported that vape has the same impact on the short-term effects of tobacco cigarettes. The results also show the same symptoms of inflammation and lung damage.

In addition to having a bad impact on the lungs, the nicotine contained in the vape also affects other organs such as the brain, heart and immune system.

Because nicotine is absorbed through the bloodstream, it stimulates the adrenal glands to release the hormone epinephrine (adrenaline) which results in increased blood pressure, faster respiratory rate and heart rate. Copy that, nicotine also activates dopamine in the brain which results in the effects of dependence.

  • Does not make you stop smoking
    Many people use vape as an excuse to stop smoking. However, the Food and Drug Association has not approved vape as a safe or effective way to help someone stop smoking.

In addition, nicotine in vape is an addictive substance, which can be addictive. A little nicotine that enters the body will make you look for a greater amount of nicotine substances later on.

Therefore, it is not recommended to use vape as a method to stop tobacco addiction. The best way to do this is to make lifestyle changes as a whole, support from the closest people, and undergo some therapy.

  • Cause cancer
    Cigarettes are touted as the main cause of lung cancer. So what about vape? In fact, not much different from cigarettes, vape can also increase a person’s chances of getting cancer.

This is evidenced in a study from the University of Nevada which states that vape contains carcinogenic formaldehyde, aka the trigger of cancer.

After knowing the danger, still assume vape is safer?

In the study, the experts mentioned that formaldehyde substances can enter and be directly absorbed in the lungs, thus giving rise to the possibility of considerable lung cancer.

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