watch out for shopping structures can cause prostate cancer

for mothers mothers would love to store groceries, from now on you have to be careful, because shopping receipts can actually cause prostate cancer.

Many people, especially for women, have a hobby of shopping receipt collections. Whether to calculate expenses when arriving at home, or indeed it is already a habit to store receipts in the wallet.

Have you ever realized that, after a while, the writing that appeared on the groceries faded for a long time didn’t even appear? Apparently this is because the chemicals contained in the paper have evaporated and are of course dangerous to health.

According to researchers, groceries are coated with Bisphenol A (BPA) and Bisphenol S (BPS), a kind of poison or dangerous chemical chart that can disrupt hormones in the body.

BPA and BPS are added to the receipt to make writing darker without using ink. These chemicals are also often found in plastic water bottles and food containers.

“Research has shown that there is a relationship between the increase in detectable BPA levels in urine and a number of health problems including an increased risk of miscarriage, preterm birth and prostate cancer,” Nancy L Wayne, PhD, professor from the Department of Physiology at UCLA School of Medicine, was quoted from wellandgood.
Continuous exposure to BPA is also associated with brain changes in the development of the nervous system, changes in behavior in children, delays in the growth of tooth enamel, obesity and heart disease.

“Almost every man, woman, and child who is tested has detectable BPA and BPS levels in their urine. Given that both of these chemicals can be rapidly metabolized by the body. This shows that we are constantly exposed to this toxin,” he added.

Robin Berzin, MD of Parsley Health, says there is more BPA content in the groceries than in drinking water bottles used for years.

“BPA absorption will occur continuously even after removing the structures,” Robin said.

Therefore, to eliminate the threat of exposure to toxins by these chemicals it is recommended to request a digital receipt. Because, BPA is also found on thermal paper used for film tickets, boarding passes, prescription drug labels, and various labels.

“Use the application for concert tickets, boarding passes, etc.,” advised Dr. Wayne.

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