What objects can cause cancer?

In everyday life we ​​can find various kinds of objects, there are some objects that according to research can cause cancer, any objects that can cause cancer, see some reviews of the following objects:

  1. The shopping structure can cause cancer? Because the shopping receipt is coated with Bispenol A (BPA) and S Bispenol (BPS) if it is often exposed, the risk of prostate cancer is higher.
  2. For those of you who often use gadgets or cellphones, be careful because cellphones can also be at risk of cancer, excessive cell phone use can lead to brain cancer.
  3. Building materials in the form of asbestos can also cause cancer, what if inhaled will result in lung cancer and mesothelioma
  4. Food packaging in the form of plastic can cause cancer, many people use plastic as a wrap for food that is still hot, plastic containers are very dangerous and can disrupt hormones to cancer.
  5. Pesticide contamination in vegetables and fruit can cause breast cancer if consumed in the long term, so before consuming fruits and vegetables it is better to wash it first.

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