11 Most Effective Asbestosis Prevention

Asbestosis is a respiratory disorder caused by inhalation of fine asbestos fibers so that scar tissue is formed in the lungs. Inhaling fine asbestos fibers can also result in thickening of the pleura, the thin membrane lining the lungs and the complications of fatal asbestosis such as mesothelioma. Mesothelioma is an aggressive malignant cancer that attacks the lining of the lung membrane and the area around the heart. Cancer is a scourge for industrial workers who are closely related to asbestos.

Asbestos is a chemical that has a very strong physical ability consisting of magnesium calcium silicate with fiber. And usually to get this asbestos through open mining. The use of asbestos is currently not limited to industry. Even in the construction of household buildings, there are still many who use asbestos as roofs of houses under the pretext of minimal construction.

Prevention of Asbestosis

Following are the steps to prevent asbestosis that must be known:

    1. Health promotion

In this case, companies that are closely related to asbestos, are obliged to promote health to prospective workers in the form of counseling about the ins and outs of asbestosis and its consequences. In addition to these companies, the government through the local health center is also obliged to conduct health promotion on asbestosis disease regularly.

    2. Health education for workers related to asbestos

Companies that are related to the production of asbestos, should not cover the danger of exposure to asbestos for a long time. Health education must be carried out for prospective workers before they officially start working with asbestos daily. And also the need to convey information if this asbestosis disease cannot be cured only by taking pneumococcal medication at the pharmacy. But with early prevention measures, this dangerous disease can be avoided.

  3. Increasing and improving worker nutrition regularly

The company must periodically improve and improve nutrition to workers, this is expected to detect early asbestosis before getting worse.
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4. Providing a healthy place and work environment

A healthy work environment here is in the form of providing a special bathroom for workers along with a locker for storing clean clothes to be used after work and also prohibits workers from bringing their work clothes home by providing laundry services.

  5. Examination before and after work

Workers before starting their work activities should be checked first, whether carrying clean clothes or not and after work also must be inspected to leave their clothes to work for the laundry services of companies that wash workers’ clothes every day.

    6. Workers are required to wear complete clothing while working

The complete clothes in question such as glasses, gloves, masks and clean change clothes to use after bathing after work.

    7. Workers are required to always work in an open space

Because asbestos contains dangerous radon gas when in a closed room, the company must ask its workers to always work in an open space.

 8. Wet asbestos first

So that fine asbestos powder is not flown and easily inhaled, it’s good to moisturize asbestos before starting to be cut or processed into other ingredients.
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9. Maintain personal hygiene

This must be done by every worker to maintain personal hygiene. Where after working showering in the company bathroom first to be cleaned of dust and changing clothes with clean clothes.

    10. Don’t mix work clothes with clean clothes

To avoid the impact of fine asbestos powder on all family members at home, you should take off your work clothes at the company and give it to the company laundry service. And before going home, you should first clean yourself in the office by replacing clean clothes. Because this is also a way to prevent pneumonia in children.

    11. Reduce the use of asbestos-based products and replace them with other products

Avoiding the impact of asbestosis on the family environment and the surrounding environment, you should think thousands of times before using asbestos products for household roofs, business premises or other building constructions.

That is a number of steps to prevent asbestosis that must be known by every layman so that harmful effects can be avoided and minimized early. Because if you have indicated asbestosis, it is very difficult to completely recover from this asbestosis. Even with the treatment of pneumonia naturally it cannot cure it.

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