Different Types of Asbestos and wherever they will Be Found


Asbestos may be a natural, fibrous mineral that was typically used as a artifact within the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland between the Fifties and Nineteen Eighties. it absolutely was well-mined within the far-east, Africa and South America before the fibres were woven into materials or mixed into cement.

Asbestos was used as a result of it’s sturdy, sound absorbent and fireproof, so creating it a lovely material for construction merchandise.

In 1999 the uk prohibited Asbestos and therefore the Asbestos act was brought into place, dominant the employment and handling of materials containing it. This was principally thanks to the exaggerated quantity of lung-related problems being sustained by construction staff. the newest legislation is from 2012.

Any material employed in buildings before 2000 might contain Asbestos, however it’s thought materials bought before 2000 might are used into the first 2000’s.

The 3 main forms of Asbestos.


Chrysotile, otherwise referred to as ‘white asbestos’, is that the most typically used type of Asbestos within the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

Chrysotile is completely different to Amosite and Crocidolite in terms of fibre form. it’s created of tiny kinky fibres.

These area unit easier to induce out of your systema respiratorium and area unit thus less seemingly to dwell your throat or lungs.

It is thought that ninetieth of all Asbestos containing materials employed in business comes was asbestos, till the ban came into force.


Amosite a lot of usually referred to as ‘brown asbestos’. sort|this sort|this kind} of Asbestos is mostly seen because the second most dangerous type. it absolutely was prohibited for import in 1985, before the prohibition of asbestos.

Amosite is found in in dark minerals underground, it’s stronger than asbestos fibres, and is well lodged among the systema respiratorium. Amosite was used predominately in more durable materials and was usually mixed in with asbestos.


Crocidolite is additionally remarked as ‘blue asbestos’. Crocidolite is seen because the most dangerous variety of amphibole within the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and was truly prohibited within the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland in 1970. though it’s thought it absolutely was still used among materials till Amosite was conjointly prohibited.

It is thought-about the foremost dangerous sort thanks to the makeup of the fibres. they have a tendency to be sturdy, short and spiked. Whereas asbestos and, to associate degree extent, Amosite tend to scratch the surface of the lungs and throat, Crocidolite punctures and lodges in situ.

Crocidolite and Amosite area unit a part of identical family and were each well-mined principally in African country. they’re each a part of the mineral family referred to as ‘Asbestos’. tiny dark minerals found underground.

What Building materials is it found in?


As it was the foremost usually used variety of Asbestos, traces will be found in several materials. However, it’s typically found in;

Adhesives for roof and floor merchandise
gypsum board
Fireproofing and preventative merchandise
Felt for roofing
Vinyl tiles


Amosite was typically mixed with asbestos to supply a stronger product and might be found in;

Cement sheets
Thermal insulation
Thermal insulation (lagging for pipes)
Insulation boards
Tiles, together with those for ceilings, roofs and floors
Roofing merchandise


Although the foremost dangerous of the 3, Crocidolite is a smaller amount heat resistant and was typically used less in industrial merchandise. It will be found in;

Ceiling tiles
fireplace protection
Insulation boards
Spray-on insulation
Cement sheets containing Asbestos
Electrical or telecommunication wires
Thermal insulation (lagging for pipes)

Under the Asbestos at Work rules 2002, freeholders and managing agents have a requirement to manage and report on Asbestos common elements. associate degree Asbestos Register noting the existence and management of any Asbestos containing materials ought to be out there.

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