4 These Symptoms Can Be Thyroid Cancer and Often Throat Pain

symptoms of thyroid cancer
symptoms of thyroid cancer

SYMPTOMS Thyroid cancer is basically difficult to recognize by ordinary people. The reason is, many lay people think that this disease is classified as an ordinary disease like a sore throat. Even though the dangers can threaten your life.

When a person is suffering from thyroid cancer, there is a growth of abnormal cells around the thyroid gland. Symptoms are even thought to be similar to flu, which is often overlooked.

This disease, if ignored, becomes scary, so we must watch out for it. You must be diligent in carrying out early detection to avoid the risk of thyroid cancer. Besides doing an ultrasound test, you also need to recognize the symptoms of this thyroid cancer. Here’s the review, reported by Prevention, Monday (07/09/2018).

Lump in the neck

The thyroid gland is located in front of your neck, but if you have cancer cells, a lump can appear around the neck. The lump is usually long gone, it has even spread to other parts. You must be aware and immediately consult a doctor.

It’s hard to swallow

Because of a lump in the neck due to cancer cells getting bigger and wider, the effect can interfere with your ability to swallow. In a few weeks even this incident did not disappear. But unfortunately, you usually only know that this is one sign of sore throat. Though it is not, such symptoms that do not go away for a long time, can be one of the symptoms of thyroid cancer that should not be ignored.

Voice change

Your vocal cords are located just above the tiriod gland, so it’s no wonder that if you develop cancer cells, you can easily change the vocal cords. This can make your voice suddenly hoarse, but unfortunately many people think it’s just a symptom of a sore throat.

Difficult to talk, eat, or breathe

These symptoms may not occur unless cancer cell growth is very advanced. Complaints are difficult to eat, unable to speak, even patients can experience respiratory problems too. To be aware, immediately check with your doctor to ascertain the type of disease. Don’t just think it’s a symptom of an ordinary disease that is even life threatening

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