7 Characteristics of Cancer are So Malignant

Characteristics of Cancer
Characteristics of Cancer

Cancer has characteristics that can be known from the movements and characters in attacking organs or tissues in the body. The characteristics of cancer are different from benign tumors.

If benign tumors are relatively slow in spreading, otherwise malignant tumors or cancers have very rapid characteristics in spreading. Cancer itself is a disease caused by cell growth abnormalities.

Cells that should have undergone a period of “retirement” and replaced new cells, refused to do so and attacked the normal cells.

As a result, there is an abnormality in the organs because these cancer cells cause damage in the body. To know the cancer well, you should recognize the characteristics of cancer so you can understand how the mechanism and workings of cancer cells in defending and attacking other cells. Here are the characteristics of cancer is very fierce.

1. Cancer Cells Are Not Sensitive To Anti-Growth Signals
Normally, in our body there is an anti-growth signal. The anti-growth signals give a sign to a cell that it’s time to stop growing, but the signal is not cared for by cancer cells.

Cancer cells continue to grow uncontrollably which makes health and balance of organs becoming threatened. These are the first features of cancer. The ignorance of cancer cells against anti-growth signals has made it very dangerous and threatens the stability of the body.

2. Cancer Cells Make Growth Hormone
Besides ignoring the anti-growth signals, cancer cells are also capable of making their own growth hormone. This is what makes cancer cells so arrogant that it is difficult to control and does not care about the rules in the body.

The ability of cancer cells to make their own growth signals is a second characteristic of cancer. This characteristic of cancer shows how the autonomy of a cell in doing its own thing, regardless of the system and mechanism in the human body.

3. No Care for Apoptosis
The third characteristic of cancer is that cancer cells do not care about apoptosis. Apoptosis is a natural mechanism in the body in order for the cell to die in time. But it is not obeyed by cancer cells. Cancer cells rebelled and did not adhere to the mechanism of apoptosis. Cancer cells continue to divide and grow.

4. Able to Get Your Own Nutrition
To grow, a cell needs nutritional intake. In normal cells, the mechanism proceeds naturally through the existing channels. But not so with cancer cells that can get their own nutrients to ensure its growth.

How to deviate this cancer cells have damaged the system in the body. The immaturity of cancer cells has made the body in a dangerous condition because many nutrient intake is taken over by cancer cells brutally. This is the fourth characteristic of cancer.

5. Able to Divide Up To No Boundaries
The fifth characteristic of cancer is its ability to continue to grow indefinitely. This is the form of malignancy that cancer cells have. If in normal cells there is a certain time until the cancer cells stop splitting, this does not apply to cancer cells.

Cancer cells continue to spread and expand without restriction. The rebel character possessed of cancer cells as it continues to spread without following the mechanism of the body is what makes it very dangerous.

6. High Survive Power
Cancer cells have very high survival power. Normal cells rely heavily on the mechanisms and systems in the body, as with cancer cells. They have their own mechanism and do not care about the existing body mechanism. High survival of cancer cells is the sixth characteristic of cancer.

7. Spreading Uncontrollably
If in normal cells, its growth can be controlled, in cancer cells, its growth spread without control. Cancer cells continue to attack and grow in the surrounding organs or tissues. The characteristics of this seventh cancer that makes cancer spread very powerful.

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