8 Characteristics of Deadly Liver Cancer

liver cancerThe characteristics of liver cancer you need to know the information in it to be wary of symptoms. By knowing it early, we can do how to prevent this liver cancer in order not to become more severe. Liver cancer is a deadly type of cancer. Then, what are the characteristics of identifiable liver cancer? For more details, please listen to the information below:

1. The lump on the upper right part of the abdomen

These lumps occur because of the growth and development of cancer cells that if not treated immediately can result in malignant tumors termed liver cancer. Someone who has a lump in the section should immediately consult a doctor or hospital for diagnosis. However, it can also be a bump just because of ordinary inflammation that feels pain when touched or massaged. Make sure if the lump is recovered within a few days, which means it is not a tumor that causes liver cancer. If otherwise, you should be wary of it.

2. Hands and feet swell

If the disease has spread to other organ cells, this can then cause swelling or inflammation of the hands and feet. This swelling will be more severe if not immediately addressed clinically, because it is feared lead to symptoms of liver cancer.

3. Appetite disappears

Patients with liver cancer will feel the decrease in lust then. Consumption of food is getting less, making weight decrease drastically. In addition, his body will quickly weaken and tired because the immune system also becomes decreased. The person will also experience a fever in the morning to feel the great chills at night.

4. Skin color and eyes are yellowing

This symptom is caused by the liver organ that is not functioning properly. The blood inside the body becomes dirty and causes the skin to become yellow. In fact, the eyes that should be clean white, also turn yellow. If you experience symptoms like this certainly must be aware of it, because it is not impossible to have symptoms of liver cancer.

5. The urine is brownish and the color is blackish

The characteristics of subsequent liver cancer, namely the color of the brownish urine like the color of tea water. Toxins in the body can not be excreted naturally while urinating. That way, very influential on urine color that suffered. In addition, the color of dirt or feces becomes black when someone defecates. These characteristics can be a sign that the person suffering from liver cancer.

That’s because cancer cells already have an effect on the muscles and nerves of other body parts. Indirectly will affect the condition of the body as a whole. For example, quickly feel tired, tired, tired, and pain and pain in certain parts of the body, such as the back and shoulders. This tired feeling can be felt every time as long as cancer cells have not been removed from the liver.

7. The stomach becomes distended

Belly stomach is not caused by most consume food or drink. However, caused by a lump found in the abdomen in the upper right. Although his weight dropped dramatically, but the condition of his stomach that bulge because there is a malignant tumor in the stomach, especially in the liver.

8. Vomiting blood

Cough with blood vomiting can be experienced by patients with liver cancer. Blood is produced from liver organ that has been contaminated by cancer cells, so that its function has decreased even it is not working. A person can feel these symptoms when in suffering from advanced stage of liver cancer, so the condition of liver cancer is increasingly chronic.

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