Be aware of brain tumors if dizziness doesn’t stop

Have you ever had a headache that doesn’t heal? Feeling blurred from time to time? Or do you have a block in the eye? Alert. This can be a sign of a disturbance called a tumor in your brain.

“If you have a headache, don’t be underestimated. This is indeed a subjective symptom, lack of sleep, for example, can be dizzy. But if you are dizzy for more than a month and occur especially in the morning, you should see a doctor. and Spine Center Surabaya, Dr. Agus C Anab, SpBS in Jakarta, as reported by AntaraNews, Friday (10/13/2017).

He said, some patients with brain tumors who experience symptoms of visual impairment are not aware of the presence of a tumor so they only consult a doctor when it’s too late.

“Eyes (eyesight) are blurred, glasses are thought to be abnormal or there is a disturbance in the eye’s nerves. Many come in late conditions, there has been an eye disorder, cannot see. Nerves have limitations, when it is long depressed (for example tumors) it is difficult to return to normal,” Agus said.

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