Be careful and stay away from the following foods to avoid cervical cancer

Cervical cancer is a cancer that attacks a woman’s reproductive organs which is generally caused by the HPV virus. Cervical cancer is one type of very deadly disease besides breast cancer, and is very feared by women, especially women of productive age.

Cervical cancer affects many productive age women ranging in age from 36 to 55 years and does not rule out cervical cancer also affecting women under the age of 30 years.

In order to avoid the attack of cervical cancer, we can take precautions with the HPV vaccine and often conduct early examinations such as HPV Test, Pap Smear and Visual Acid Inspection. In addition to conducting an early examination, you also have to be selective in foods that we often consume, because unhealthy foods can also be the cause of cancer cells. Here are some foods that you should stay away from to avoid cervical cancer.

  • Food that is burned

Foods that are burned like satay and grilled chicken are indeed tempting foods, but you should reduce eating these foods because it can trigger the appearance of cancer cells. Food that is processed by the combustion process with charcoal will cause the active substances that are toxic so that it will trigger the growth of cancer cells and one of them is cervical cancer cells.

  • Fatty foods

Fried food is a favorite snack for everyone especially when it rains, even though fatty foods like fried foods should be avoided, because women who consume too much fatty foods have a greater risk of cervical cancer.
Fatty foods can produce estrogen and someone who has excess estrogen will be easily affected by cervical cancer. Therefore avoid eating fatty foods and you can replace your snacks with fresh fruits, because fresh fruit, especially organic fruit, can prevent cancer cells from arising.

  • Fast food

Fast food is a favorite food of many people, besides it tastes good, the presentation is practical and not complicated to eat. But something excessive is also not good. As with eating excess fast food can cause cervical cancer.

Fast food contains a lot of fat, preservatives and sweeteners, which are the three causes of cancer cells, one of which is cervical cancer cells.

  • Foods that contain lots of sugar

Foods that contain sugar are indeed needed by the body as a source of energy, but consume as much as possible. Eating foods that contain too much sugar can cause a variety of diseases, one of which is cervical cancer.

Foods that contain high sugar levels such as cake cakes, tarts, and other sweet foods can trigger cervical cancer. Avoid eating foods that are too sweet!

  •  Foods that contain chemicals

In the modern era like now it is very difficult to find foods that do not contain chemicals because food sold on the roadside and in supermarkets mostly use chemicals such as artificial dyes, artificial sweeteners and preservatives that can trigger cervical cancer.
Therefore, it is better to cook your own food than buy outside, which is not guaranteed quality and taste. Choose organic ingredients such as organic fruits and vegetables that are good for health and to avoid cervical cancer.

Those are five foods that must be shunned to avoid cervical cancer, if you already like these foods, you can learn to reduce them. Remember, it’s better to prevent than cure. Do not let the pleasure that is only temporary will make your life suffer from a deadly disease.

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