Beware of Flatulence as a Symptom of Cervical Cancer

Complaints of flatulence and feeling full are often experienced by many women and become a kind of ordinary thing. However, if the complaint does not improve as time goes by, it is better to immediately check the condition because it can be a flatulence is a symptom of cervical cancer.

Stomach that feels bloated or full is often the result of colds or minor complaints such as lactose intolerance. However, the reality besides these two things, flatulence can be a more serious diagnosis such as cervical cancer.

Flatulence accompanied by the following conditions you should be aware of as an early sign of symptoms of cervical cancer.

Drastic Weight Loss

Complaints of flatulence accompanied by a drastically decreased weight should be watched out. This change in weight loss drastically should be watched out especially when you are not undergoing a weight loss or strenuous exercise program. A suspect decrease is the weight loss of more than 10 percent of the previous body weight. It’s a good idea to consult immediately and see a doctor to find out for sure whether this is one of the symptoms of cervical cancer or not. Generally, a drastically decreasing weight in cancer symptoms is the presence of a tumor that presses on the intestine so that a person will feel full even if they only eat with portions that tend to be small or small. Substances that are secreted by the tumor to suppress one’s appetite can also be a cause of significant weight loss.

Stomach Pain Continues With Fever

A person who experiences severe abdominal pain continuously without any signs to lead to healing and is accompanied by bloating, nausea, fever, and vomiting is most likely to be a sign of intestinal obstruction from the stomach tissue or the presence of a tumor that suppresses the position of the intestine. Flatulence accompanied by fever is usually caused by infection or inflammation in the body. This needs to be watched more closely when accompanied by an increase in the number of white blood cells in the blood.

The presence of blood in the stool or outside the menstrual cycle

Flatulence accompanied by bleeding from the vagina between menstrual cycles that usually occur or postmenopausal should be aware of and to consult a doctor immediately to get the right diagnosis. Sometimes, the presence of blood coming out together with feces when someone is defecating also needs to be watched. Although the most common symptom is hemorrhoids, any bleeding that comes out unnaturally from the body should be evaluated because it is feared to be a symptom of cervical cancer. Someone who has symptoms of cervical cancer is better to immediately see a doctor or hospital so that you get the right diagnosis so that you get the right treatment.

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