Early Signs of Prostate Cancer Men Must Watch Out for

prostate cancerOne cancer that is quite dangerous and often affects men is prostate cancer. This cancer develops in the prostate organ which is located adjacent to the bladder. These organs are usually affected by male sexual activity and also infections that occur in the urinary tract.

Often with increasing age, the bladder will experience significant changes. This change causes the male organ to swell, become inflamed, until it is overgrown with cancer.

Oh yes, prostate cancer experienced by men is often known when it’s severe. This happens because prostate cancer often does not provide enough visible symptoms. Finally, men consider the symptoms to be normal until the cancer grows massively.

Signs of prostate cancer

As previously explained, prostate cancer does not have symptoms that are fairly severe and suspicious. However, these mild symptoms are actually bad for men because they are often cheated. Here are some symptoms of prostate cancer that we must be aware of.

1. Frequent abnormal urination includes waking up at night because it is not strong enough to withstand pain in the bladder.

2. Men with this condition often have difficulty holding urine. When the bladder is rather full, they will feel great pain so rush to the bathroom.

3. There is blood in the urine. Unfortunately, the blood in the urine sometimes saru with the original color of urine which is rather yellowish. If there is a new blood clot or rather reddish water clearly visible.

4. Men with prostate cancer often experience pain when urinating. This also continues when men get ejaculation. Usually ejaculation also feels painful.

5. Difficult to maintain an erection to the maximum. Men may get an erection, but within a few minutes, the penis will weaken again.

6. A burst of urine from the penis is rather weak.

If prostate cancer starts to get worse and spread to many places, the symptoms below may also appear.

 1. Pain in the bones and organs surrounding it. This pain usually comes many times or continues to survive and is difficult to lose.

2. There are cracks or injuries to the bones.

3. The legs will be weak to walk or stand. Being so weak, a man will shake a little if standing too long or lifting objects too heavy.

4. Urinary incontinence is quite severe. Urinary incontinence is the inability of a man to control urine so that he often wet the bed.

Causes of prostate cancer

Prostate cancer that occurs in men occurs due to the mechanism of the body or due to the presence of free radicals. Generally the prostate will produce fluid or protein that forms sperm in motion. Unfortunately, under certain conditions, excessive protein can trigger cancer.

Some studies say that this cancer condition can be reduced to 20% if men often ejaculate. Having sex or masturbation is thought to reduce cancer risk. The habit of men who like smoking can also trigger cancer. Finally, if there is a history of cancer from the family, the chances of being affected are quite high.

Effects of prostate cancer on male fertility

Prostate cancer can actually be easily overcome as long as it hasn’t reached the metastatic phase. When it’s at that stage, chances are that the cancer will spread to the bones and interfere with other organs including disrupting sperm.

When the prostate must be removed so as not to spread everywhere, the likelihood of a man doing conception will decrease. Therefore some doctors recommend that men store some sperm in the sperm bank for conception later on.

Here are some signs of prostate cancer. Hopefully you can use it as a useful reference.

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