Handling Soft Tissue Tumors

We will explain about soft tissue tumors. Soft Tissue Tumors or soft tissue tumors consist of many types of tumors, eg lipoma, fibroma and many more depending on the type of cell that develops into a tumor. As long as this tumor is a disease it should be handled well and not worrying.

One of the soft tissue tumors commonly found is lipoma. Lipoma is a benign tumor that is under the skin consisting of fat. Usually lipoma is found in the elderly (40-60 years), but can also be found in children. Because lipoma is fat, it can appear anywhere on this body.

The most common type is those that are more superficial. Usually lipomas are located in the head, neck, shoulders, body, back or arms. The other type is located deeper than the skin as in the muscles, nerves, joints, or tendons.

Basically lipoma does not require any action, except for cosmetic reasons or enlargement of lumps has caused complaints of pain and disrupts movement. Until now there is no drug that can inhibit the growth of lipoma. The action that can be done to remove lipoma lumps is by removing lipoma. Surgery can be performed under local anesthesia, if the doctor is absolutely certain that the lump is indeed a lipoma belonging to a benign tumor.

In your case, if the doctor recommends a biopsy, the purpose is to find out the type of tumor, whether it is benign or malignant. Until now the treatment for tumors is only by removing the tumor. However, if the tumor is a benign type of tumor and does not interfere, removal of the tumor becomes not obligatory. We recommend further consultation with your doctor, for tumor recurrence after surgery can be determined if you know the type of tumor.

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