Harvard Research Results Revealed Stewardess Attendants At Risk of 10 Malignant Cancer

flight attendant
flight attendant

Among the various professions, being a stewardess is one of the women’s dreams.

How not, the stewardess is always regarded as one of the most prestigious professions.

Physically, the stewardess figure is also considered a picture of an ideal woman.
Pretty, slim, plus the tall sheer.

But are you still interested in being a flight attendant after reading this one study?

Research at Harvard University led by Irina Mordukhovich mentions that at least 10 malignant cancers are ready to ‘stalk’ those who work as a flight attendant.

Although cancer can infect anyone, but by undergoing a profession as a flight attendant, a person’s risk of getting 10 types of cancer will be greater.

Then, what kind of cancer is prone to infect these flight attendants?

Researchers found that the highest risk is in breast, cervical, skin, thyroid, uterine, and some cancers in the digestive tract.

That is colon cancer, stomach, esophagus, liver, and pancreas.

But what is the reason researchers call the stewardess more at risk of 10 types of this cancer?

To the Live Science page, the researchers revealed that flight attendants are more susceptible to exposure to carcinogens.

Carcinogens are cancer-triggering substances that are usually free radicals.

Not only from food, the environment where the stewardess is working there are also many carcinogens.

One of them is obtained from the radiation of cosmic rays that are found in altitude.

Irina Mordukhovich mentions that this type of radiation will usually damage DNA.

The impact of damaged DNA due to cosmic ray radiation is mainly breast cancer and non-melanoma skin cancer.

In this study, Irina Mordukhovich and his team have at least examined more than 5,300 flight attendants from various airlines.

The flight attendants were asked to complete an online survey in the framework of a study entitled Harvard Flight Attendant Health Study.

In addition to revealing about the risk of 10 malignant cancers, researchers also found that the risk of breast host stewardess 50% higher than women who undergo other professions.

It is also found in non-melanoma skin cancer, in which stewardess is at twice the risk of this type of cancer compared to women with other professions.

Irina Mordukhovich also added that this risk actually also lurks those who are often exposed to UV rays.

Including pilots, stewards, cabin crew, and passengers who often travel by airplane.

The study also mentions that although it has been balanced with a healthy lifestyle, exposure to cosmic rays of radiation is still leaving its own risks for those who often receive it.

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