How Cancer Cell Growth Leukemia and Lymph Cancer?

cancer cellCancer problems become more complex when cancer cells grow in organs that act as glands or fluid producers that are important to the body. Blood or leukemia cancer occurs when cancer cells attack the spinal system and damage the marrow into the production center of white blood cells.

The normal system of spinal cord work becomes chaotic so that white blood cells are produced in excess. Though white blood cells in number should be limited because it has an aggressive nature.

If the amount is excessive, the ability of aggression (attack) is doing pretty bad, including damaging healthy cells, damaging white blood cells, even able to damage the entire system. Moreover, coupled with the presence of cancer in every white blood cells, aggressive nature can be more and more.

A complicated problem is also caused when cancer cells grow in lymph nodes. This organ produces lymph and fluids associated with immune function, to then be channeled throughout the body. Cancer cells can be very easily dissolved in the flow of thyroid that is sent throughout the body. It is to be suspected that in the near future, cancer cells from the lymph will also appear on other organs.

Why Are Healthy Cells Changing To Cancer Cells?

Now you can understand what exactly happened so that someone has cancer and where the cancer cell is formed. Then, why healthy cells turned into cancer cells?

Of course it is not possible that healthy cells can turn into cancer cells without cause. There are triggers that alter the DNA, RNA, and protein production of these healthy cells. Some things that can be a trigger of cancer cells include:

• Infection and Inflammation
the body is infected by bacterial, fungal, or viral infections. This attack triggers the formation of a severe inflammation (inflammation). It’s so hard that the body has trouble repairing (regenerating) that keeps up with the speed of damage.

This massive destruction leaves half-damaged cells unsuccessfully repaired by cell regeneration mechanisms. This is the beginning of the cells began to mutate and do the process of splitting up despite already having a DNA that is no longer perfect.

• Free Radical Effects
the entry of toxins, heavy metals, and a number of other free radical components into the body is very easy to damage the DNA character in the cell. Free radical properties that oxidize cells can accelerate the process of cell destruction and disrupt the balance in the system of cell work. This is the beginning of the process of the formation of cancer cell mutations.

This means that to prevent damage or cell mutation, it is important to ensure that the body is kept awake from two things that trigger cancer, namely severe infections and free radicals.

A healthy intake of food, good environment, and a healthy lifestyle are key to effective cancer prevention. Make sure you always eat foods rich in anti-oxidants, proteins, and rich in vitamins and minerals needed to keep cell regeneration running properly.





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