Irregular Eating Often, Men Have Natural Stomach Cancer

It turns out it is not without reason why it is very important to eat regularly. Job demands and busy activities sometimes often infect our health.

 of the frequent neglect of his meal schedule, men from Jiangsu, China experienced an advanced stage of stomach cancer. The man known by his clan name, Wong was known as a hard worker.

The 28-year-old Wong has a bright future. After five years of graduating from college, he held the position of head of the department.

It turned out that the position of the job was a lot of fueling Wong’s health. According to his father, his son had long working hours and ignored regular meals.

Plus his son often ate fast food. The unhealthy lifestyle also worsened because Wong often slept late at night.

Because of his friends’ love, the man will go out to eat with them. “His mother and I are worried about him. We have tried to advise him before, but he did not listen to us,” his father said as quoted by the World of Buzz.

Speaking of his father, his son is an example that young people today do not care about their health.

Before the doctor diagnosed stomach cancer in him, Wong often complained of indigestion, stomach aches and bloating. Unfortunately he just ignored the disease and only took drugs to solve his stomach problems.

Even so, his stomach ache always returned and bothered Wong until it finally continued for a long time. Wong then decided to conduct an inspection. As a result, he was even surprised by a diagnosis of advanced stomach cancer.

Patients with stomach cancer are increasingly attacking young people, according to Lu Jiangwei, Director of the Department of Oncology, Jiangsu Hospital.

In recent months, the hospital reported that they treated 25-year-old intestinal cancer patients. To prevent stomach cancer, Lu said that currently young people need to pay attention to their health like assets.

“Young people must pay attention to their dietary habits, sleep early and find ways to release stress and try not to ignore their stomach aches,” Lu explained.

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