It was very surprising that Dayanara Torres had melanoma skin cancer.

The sad news came from Miss Universe 1993 Dayanara Torres, he reported that he had been diagnosed with skin cancer or melanoma.

In his upload on Instagram, Torres said that there was a large mole that he ignored to be an early sign of melanoma.

“Today I have sad news … I have been diagnosed with ‘melanoma’ skin cancer from large spots or moles that I have never noticed, even though it is new, has been growing for years and the surface is uneven,” Torres was quoted as saying from Rappler.

The Puerto Rico beauty queen said that it was her fiance Louis D’Esposito who asked her to do an examination. The results were positive after Torres underwent biopsy and surgery. Now he is waiting for what treatment he will undergo.

“They (doctors) have removed a large area from the back of my knee and they have also removed two lymph nodes at the top of my leg where it has spread. Hope it does not spread to other areas or other organs,” he hoped.

Although worried, Torres gave everything to God. He also reminded all his followers on Instagram to take care of themselves and be aware of the initial signs of melanoma skin cancer.

Moles that are abnormal and often indicate melanoma is often abbreviated as ABCDE. Here is the meaning of the abbreviation:

A = Asymetrical: Moles with one side are very different from the other, need to be suspected.

B = Irregular Border: Moles with uneven edges, curved or not even clear edges, can also indicate melanoma.

C = Change in color: Uneven colors, or even change color.

D = Diameter: Moles that grow to more than 6 millimeters.

E = Evolving: Not only changes in shape or color, you also need to watch out for other changes in moles such as itching and bleeding.

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