Not Just Human Beings Impacted Asbestos Hazards

hazard asbestos
hazard asbestos

“Not only humans, animals and plants are also dangerous if exposed to asbestos materials,” said Executive Director of the Forum for Environment (Walhi) West Java, Dadan Ramdan in the event of Healthy Asbestos without Asbestos at the Indonesian Building on Tuesday (13/2/2018) . The event initiated by Indonesia BAN Asbestos Network (INA-BAN) also voiced to the public to be more aware of the dangers caused by asbestos materials.

Dadan discloses that the use of asbestos should be more closely watched because the categorization of waste includes Hazardous and Toxic Waste Materials or B3 which not only affects only humans, but in other living things, both animals and plants. “Because the category is hazardous or B3 toxic waste, so if we refer to government regulation no. 101 of 2014 on the management of hazardous toxic wastes, toxins that cause cancer and then lungs and other diseases, “he said.

Currently there are four types of asbestos in the market include white asbestos, blue asbestos, chocolate asbestos, and gray asbestos. “In the development of white asbestos industry is still used in comparison asbestos brown and gray, while blue asbestos has been banned,” he said.

Dadan also explained, in Indonesia, the area that most become asbestos consumers are on the island of Sumatra and Java, while the most countries that become producers and consumers of asbestos are in China.


How to handle asbestos, according to Dadan, by not mixing other materials, stored with a closed container, dispose of waste in a special location and most importantly not destroyed by burning. If inside the house is already using asbestos, do not immediately destroyed because the particles are dangerous, but just coat it with paint made from safe. “For the most effective prevention is to avoid asbestos-based materials,” continued Dadan.

Asbestos related problem, Bandung City Health Office, Henny R Ningtyas revealed, very dangerous asbestos for human health, especially in the respiratory organs, “Asbestos is a serious threat to health, if you want to use the roof asbestos is better thought for longer term, Henny when delivering the second material at the Suicide Indonesia Building (GIM).

Bandung city health office has not issued a special circular about the ban on the use of asbestos, because it is from the center there is no ban. If such a ban on the use of sterofom already exists from its policy from the center, Henny said Tuesday (13/02/2018).

Then Heny said that the substance in the cigarette also contained this asbestos material. “In the cigarette there is the content of silica, this silica is an element of asbestos and it is very dangerous,” said Henny.

Lastly Henny advised that we as a community both campaigning asbestos was in the womb of cigarettes, “So please we can both keep ourselves each if the fathers smoke, do not smoke near that we love so as not to transmit smoke cigarette especially children, “Henny concluded at the end of the event.

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