Risks that haunt the intestine cancer patient if not given this medicine

 Bad risk will haunt colorectal cancer patients (large intestine) if not given the Bevacizumab and Cetuximab cancer drugs.

Digestive surgeon specialist Hamid Rochanan stressed that the spread of malignant tumors is getting faster to other organs.

“Malignant tumors will spread far or term distance metastasis. So, there are certain substances that play a role in the spread of tumors,” said Hamid, written Friday, February 22, 2019.

Substances that play a role in spreading the tumor will be defeated by the targeted therapy using cancer drugs Bevacizumab and Cetuximab. The use of drugs is adjusted to the conditions of each patient, not given at the same time both types of drugs.

The target of this cancer drug is for stage 4 colorectal cancer patients based on the stages of severity and spread of cancer groups 1 and 2. For stage 4 in groups 0 and 3 do not require the therapeutic target of the two drugs.

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