Some Facts about Nasopharyngeal Cancer that Attack the Face Area and Surroundings

Nasopharyngeal Cancer is one of the deadliest diseases we often hear. The killer cell growth always haunts humans and causes us to always be aware of it. Uniquely, this type of cancer has many different forms, which are determined by the location of the cancer.

One of these types of cancer is nasopharyngeal cancer. Nasopharyngeal cancer is very dangerous and can threaten the lives of sufferers. What is this nasopharyngeal cancer like? What distinguishes it from other cancers? Here are some facts about Nasopharyngeal Cancer.

  1. Being in the face area
    As the name implies, nasopharyngeal cancer which is the area right above the throat, precisely behind the nose and behind the ceiling of the nasal cavity. The symptoms caused by this cancer are lumps in the throat, resulting in blurred vision, making it difficult to open the mouth.
  2. It is not known exactly what caused it
    Doctors still don’t know exactly what caused it, but the Epstein-Barr (EBV) virus has a connection with these cancer cells. This virus is commonly found in saliva and can be transmitted to people through direct contact.
  3. Make sufferers experience problems in the face area
    At the start of the lump, infection in the ear that feels like buzzing, difficult to open the mouth, headache to face pain or even numbness. It is also impossible to experience nosebleeds, sore throats and nasal congestion.
  4. It’s hard to identify yourself
    Although there are lumps in the face area, early stage nasopharyngeal cancer is very difficult to recognize because of its very small size, which causes many people do not feel the need for medical care. It is only after experiencing problems, such as difficulty breathing or is it not easy to realize that you have nasopharyngeal cancer.
  5. It also has a lot to do with everyday life
    Besides EBV virus factors, doctors also suspect that the disease arises because of health in everyday life. Like a food problem. Yes, salty steamed foods, like fish can cause that. These food chemical deposits accumulate in the nasopharynx area and slowly form cancer cells.
  6. More common for Asians and Africans
    Based on data obtained by doctors, nasopharyngeal cancer affects men more than women and sufferers are more commonly found in areas of China, Southeast Asia and northern Africa. This cancer can also occur for any age, but is generally diagnosed at the age of 30 to 50 years.
  7. Can be followed by other body problems
    Nasopharyngeal cancer can also be a complication. The problems that are usually followed are the lumps that propagate and clog the throat, bones and brain. Another area that can be a place for propagation is the lungs and liver.
  8. Has 4 stages
    Stage 1 diagnosing abnormal cells in the nasopharynx has turned into cancer and begins to spread to the nearest tissue. Stage 2 spreads to one or more lymph nodes in the throat area. Stage 3, the cancer has gone into the bones and other sinus organs. Then stage 4, the cancer has spread to areas far from the nasopharynx, such as the collarbone.
  9. There is no way to prevent it
    The doctor’s only recommendation is to live healthy and stay away from habits that lead to the risk of nasopharyngeal cancer. That includes smoking and drinking alcoholic beverages. For the diagnosis, the doctor uses a nasal endoscopy technique to see further the condition of the lump.

For this reason, check-up often with your doctor to find out what happened to your body. Don’t forget to always live healthy.

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