The danger of cellphones causes brain tumors

 In the modern era like this, cellphones have become commonplace to take wherever they go. Even cellphones can be one of the most important things to carry. Not a few also know if cell phone radiation can indeed trigger various dangerous diseases. One of them is to be a cause of brain tumors.

Various facts reveal, brain tumor sufferers increase in tandem with an increase in the number of mobile users. It is possible that harmful radiation emitted from cellphones causes a person at high risk of developing a brain tumor.

Launching from the page Boldsky, Tuesday (07/17/2018), there are various studies that have been carried out on the risks associated with cellphone use. The study revealed that when you hold your cell phone to your ear, 10 to 80 percent of radiation penetrates two inches into the brain, even penetrating even deeper.

The use of mobile phones with a long duration and duration can cause damage to brain neurons. This is because of the harmful radiation emitted by the smartphone continuously.

Meanwhile, the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), part of the WHO, in its review of evidence of cell phone use has revealed that cell phone use has a carcinogenic possibility in humans.

That way users are expected to be able to reduce and regulate the use of mobile phones wisely.

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