The Identifiable Features of Thyroid Cancer

Thyroid CancerThyroid Cancer Is one type of cancer that is around the neck. In accordance lwith the location of the thyroid gland located in the neck and shaped like a bow tie. In men, the thyroid gland is under the Adam’s apple. The characteristics of thyroid cancer usually begins with the existence of an abnormal lump that is in the neck. So if you feel the presence of a lump in the area, do not ignore the signs. Try to do a medical check to make sure the type of illness you are experiencing.

However, the presence of a lump in the neck is not the only feature of thyroid cancer. There are several other features, what are they? In this article you will get complete information about the characteristics of easily recognizable thyroid cancer. Let us consider a brief review in the following article. – Source: Thyroid Cancer Symptoms

Characteristics of Thyroid Cancer

In addition to the presence of a lump in the neck there are several symptoms of easily recognizable thyroid cancer. This is related to an enlarged lump. Sometimes the sufferer is not aware that the signs he feels are actually the characteristics of thyroid cancer.

Given this it often feels vague and similar to other symptoms of illness. If this happens then the precautions of thyroid cancer can not be done anymore. Then, what are the signs of thyroid cancer that you need to realize?

The existence of a lump in the neck

Indeed, the main feature of thyroid cancer is the presence of a lump in the neck, precisely under the Adam’s apple when the thyroid gland is located. If the lump in your neck is classified as a category of cancer, then the growth of this abnormal lump will be very fast. This lump is clearly not the same as thyroid disease or thyroid gland enlargement due to unbalanced hormones.

The existence of a lump can be as small or as large as a marble up to the size of a golf ball. To classify whether this lump includes cancer, medical examination is required by the doctor. Sometimes enlarged lumps in the neck can be reduced by itself, but not for cancer or mumps.

You need to get medical treatment from a specialist. If there are abnormal cells that are cancerous in the lump or lump it, then the treatment of thyroid cancer should be done immediately.

Occurrence of Swelling in the Neck

You may think that the swelling with the lump is the same, but there is little difference. Swelling refers to a particular portion that enlarges from its normal size.

While the lump is the existence of a network or a particular cell that if held seemed to shift and change shape. In the English term the word swelling called “swelling” is a broader word to denote enlargement as a reaction to inflammation or infection that occurs.

While the lump in the English term referred to as “lump” is the emergence of solid clumps that are clearly felt and easily recognizable. For example: edema is a soft tissue swelling, but this condition can not be called a lump. Due to the swelling in the neck and the characteristics of cancer

Neck Pain Toward the Ear

Enlarged thyroid can cause neck pain due to pressure and inflammation, or infection. Given the nerve of the ear-nose-throat are connected so the interference that occurs in one system will affect other organs.

For example: eustachian channels are the connecting channel between the middle ear with the nose and throat. This channel has a function to control the incoming air pressure from the mouth and nose.

In addition, the tissues and nerve cells around the ear-nose-throat are also connected. So if there is enlargement of the thyroid, the nerves that are connected together will feel pain.

This can happen because cancer cells tend to attack organs around the nerves and blood vessels. The cause of thyroid cancer that causes it is still being investigated in order to obtain more accurate information, thus facilitating the treatment.

Hello or Voice Changes

How could the presence of thyroid cancer affect your voice? Know that the vocal cords are around the larynx. The larynx is part of the respiratory system located at the top of the thyroid gland and serves to bring air to the trachea.

When enlarged thyroid occurs, then this can put pressure on the larynx. So that the air flow does not enter normally and will automatically affect the sound of the sufferer. If the cancer has grown so the cancer prevention measures can not be done.
Difficulty Swallowing Food

The occurrence of difficulty swallowing food is a problem that must be faced by cancer patients. The characteristics of thyroid cancer i

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