As a mother, you definitely want to give the best for her children. In order to grow and develop well and healthy. One of them is by giving exclusive breastfeeding to the baby. But what if the condition of the mother suffered from breast cancer. Can it and can he still breastfeed?

Lactation expert, dr. Utami Roesli, SpA stated that mothers with breast cancer could be breastfeeding. Because the cancer may not be in the cells making breast milk. However, certain considerations are needed.

First, not in treatment with chemical drugs, because the drugs consumed will be flowed in the blood and can be dissolved in ASI. So that breastfeeding on the baby will bring the effect of the drug.

Second, the physical condition of each breast cancer patient varies. For that, it’s good for the mother to consult with the doctor who examined it. If cancer cells turn out to affect the productivity of breast milk, it can be overcome by giving breast milk from a breast that is not cancerous.

However, even though the productivity of breast milk decreases in the affected breast, keep breastfeeding. This is because, according to a study in the Journal of National Cancer Institute shows a reduced risk of recurrence of breast cancer. Because usually, breast cancer will come back even after surgery.

Breast cancer patients who are breastfeeding will have a reduced risk of recurrence of cancer by up to 30%. This conclusion was obtained after a review of medical records in 1,636 women with breast cancer and their breastfeeding history. A total of 383 women returned to breast cancer, while 290 died.

Breastfeeding can change or regulate the molecular environment that makes tumors more responsive to anti-estrogen therapy and makes it less aggressive. Although it is not clear what is behind the background, why do women who breastfeed make tumors less aggressive.

It is known that breastfeeding also reduces the risk of breast cancer. This is thought to be due to structural changes in breast tissue during breastfeeding and suppression of the amount of estrogen produced by the body by lactation. Estrogen suppression is also thought to be associated with a decreased risk of ovarian cancer.

source : Kaskus

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