watch out for 6 symptoms of melanoma skin cancer

Many are curious about this type of skin cancer which is said to be indeed malignant.

Melanoma cancer

Unfortunately, until now the cure for melanoma skin cancer is unknown.

Melanoma is a type of cancer that develops in melanocytes, skin pigment cells that function as a producer of melanin.

However, you can detect the symptoms of this deadly disease through the following signs!

  • Itching and Pain in the Surface of the Skin
    Never ignore the itching with pain that appears on the surface of the skin.

Because this can be a sign of cancer cells starting to attack skin cells.

Symptoms of melanoma cancer are usually characterized by itchy wounds that tend to bleed continuously.

  • Enlarged Moles
    Moles that grow large are often regarded as benign tumors.

But you need to be careful if the size of the mole continues to experience unusual growth.

  • Skin Color Change
    Skinw discoloration occurs because cancer cells attack skin pigments.

Because this is a symptom of melanoma cancer.

Skin discoloration which is a symptom of melanoma cancer resembling spotting in certain areas.

It feels itchy and painful and has a reddish brown color.

  • Spots appear on the skin
    If patches like black or brown levels appear on the skin surface and widen over time, see a doctor immediately.

Because this is one of the symptoms of melanoma cancer.

  • Lumps appear
    Next is a lump on the skin.

The appearance of a lump in the body is a sign of almost all tumor and cancer diseases.

So there is nothing wrong with being aware of this.

  • Dry and Scaly Skin
    The last symptom of melanoma cancer is dry and scaly skin.

This happens because many skin cells are damaged so they cannot regenerate.

Stay alert and don’t hesitate to go to the doctor if you find these symptoms.

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