What are the Symptoms and Causes of Bone Cancer?

bone cancer
bone cancer

The cause of bone cancer is not yet known for certain, but most cases occur because of genetic factors and too often exposed to radiation exposure that cause cell growth and DNA occurs abnormally and is out of control.

As we already know, cancer can appear in every organ in the body and tend to be difficult to catch symptoms and causes early on. One of them, the cause of bone cancer is not known for certain by the practitioners of medicine.

Among other types of cancers, bone cancer is not commonly heard by the public. Most primary bone cancers can affect children and adolescents who are in its infancy and can affect the end of the bone that is growing rapidly where osteoblasts work most actively.

Unfortunately, the exact cause of bone cancer cases is largely unknown. However, scientists say that bone cancer is often associated with other disease conditions.
Here are the symptoms and causes of bone cancer that can be considered as a preventive effort!

1. Genetic disorders
Some cases of bone cancer (especially Osteosarcoma) are believed to occur because they are passed on from our family members. Bone cancer is usually hereditary and is caused by defects (mutations) of genes in certain organs.

2. Radiation
One of the main causes of your cells having mutations is often exposed to radiation rays, including those of you who have undergone chemotherapy. Conditions of organs in the body, including bone organs, can eventually have mutations in genes that trigger bone cancer.

3. Bone marrow transplant
For those of you who have undergone bone marrow transplant surgery procedures (stem cells) often suffer from Osteosarcoma in the future.

4. Injury to bone
Although this has not been medically proven, not a few people who have suffered an injury to their bones exposed to bone cancer later in life. However, further research is needed to confirm this one factor.

5. Paget bone disease
As mentioned earlier, often cases of bone cancer occur due to other bone diseases. One of them is a bone paget disease that attacks many people aged over 50 years.

Paget bone disease is a disorder of the regeneration process of osteoblasts (bone cells) and causes bones to become brittle and deformed or deformed. Usually this disorder often attacks the skull, spine and clavicle.

As already mentioned, cancer is caused by uncontrolled cell growth and accumulates normal cells. As a result, this makes the metabolism of the body becomes unable to function normally due to the accumulation of cells that grow out of control. As a result, a person with bone cancer often feels pain or bone pain.

Other symptoms may vary depending on the location and size of the cancer. Usually, the affected area will feel soft if touched and often attack the joint area. In addition, the pain gets worse at night and disrupts your sleep.

In addition to the pain, there may be swelling and redness and a noticeable bump on the affected area. If the affected area is near the joint, the movement in the joint becomes more rigid and limited. Cancerous bones are also weak and fragile and can be broken easily simply because of minor injuries or injuries.
Other bone cancer symptoms that can be detected include:

• High temperature (fever) 38 ° C (100.4F) or higher

• Sweating, usually at night

• Feeling weak

• Fatigue

• Anemia

• Drastic weight loss that occurs drastically and is difficult to explain

That’s the cause of bone cancer and its symptoms that you can feel and detect early on. By understanding the causes and symptoms of this bone cancer, you can take medical action more quickly before the cancer cells spread to other organs. May be useful!

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