What habits can cause cancer?

Cancer is the second deadliest disease in the world. In 2015 the cancer death rate reached 8.8 million.

Bad habits that are carried out daily also lead to the risk of cancer, even though we have been careful, but unfavorable environmental conditions also cause cancer, and therefore all must apply a healthy lifestyle, so as not to get cancer.

There are several habits that can cause cancer. For example bad habits, body weight, unhealthy food, lack of physical activity, smoking and excessive alcohol consumption.

10 bad habits that can cause cancer

  1. Air freshener
    Air freshener we often use to overcome the smell of a bad room. However, you know if this air freshener does not improve the air quality in the room.
    Instead, this air freshener contains substances that are very dangerous and can cause cancer. This dangerous substance will be inhaled by the nose when air freshener is sprayed into the room.
  2. Drinks contain alcohol
    Consuming alcoholic drinks has been shown to increase the risk of developing cancer. A study notes consuming alcoholic drinks twice a day can increase the risk of developing various cancers, including esophageal cancer, colon cancer, rectal cancer and breast cancer.
  3. Birth control pills
    Birth control pills, consumed to prevent pregnancy. You need to know that taking birth control pills can increase your risk of developing breast cancer as well as cervical and liver cancer.
  4. Candle
    In a study saying that smoke from paraffin wax contains carcinogens and other fossil fuel components, both of these materials can be at risk of contracting cancer. To replace paraffin wax you should use pure beeswax because it is not harmful to the body.
  5. Car smoke
    People who are more often exposed to smoke from diesel fuel will have health problems. Smoke from cars can cause lung cancer and other respiratory diseases. Diesel and gasoline release carbon monoxide and toxic hydrocarbons.
  6. Cosmetics
    Who would have thought that cosmetics can also cause skin cancer. For women who often use cosmetics with the aim of looking beautiful and attractive. But the chemicals contained in cosmetics will remain attached to the whistle, even though we have cleaned the face well. It’s good to use cosmetics that contain organic ingredients to reduce the risk of skin cancer.
  7. Burned food
    Burned foods can also cause skin cancer, food
    Fish, chicken, or other foods that are processed by burning will cause some parts to burn. Even though it has a delicious taste, burned foods can increase the risk of stomach cancer, colon cancer and pancreatic cancer.
  8. Canned food
    The dangers of canned food containers used to pack food containing hazardous chemicals. By consuming canned foods will cause hormonal disorders and DNA changes that result in contracting breast cancer.
  9. Soda Diet
    Carbonated drinks can also cause you to get cancer, Diet soda contains artificial sweeteners that can increase pancreatic cancer and other types of cancer. Some studies have also shown that diet soda can cause bladder cancer and brain tumors.
  10. Sunscreen
    Most people use sunscreens to prevent skin problems. However, sunscreen contains an ingredient called zinc oxide which produces free radicals that can cause DNA damage and trigger cancer growth.

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