What Is Kidney Cancer

Kidney Cancer
Kidney Cancer

All certainly agree that the development of today’s disease, increasingly progressive, seems to want to rival discoveries in the field of modern medicine. Maybe some people do not know what is called kidney cancer because all this time people know, cancer and kidney disease, they are not integrated.

This cancer is located in the part of the renal parenchyma which can carry out a gradual invasion to the nearest part of the organ through lymphatics or also called venous blood vessels.

The incidence of kidney cancer reaches 3-6% of all categories of malignant cancers. The increase in kidney cancer patients in each year is 2%, where patients who die from kidney cancer reach 100,000 cases per year.

Kidney cancer is the most common cancer among adults. The rate of comparison between men and women with this cancer is 2: 1, at various age levels. However, the highest incidence occurs at the age of 50 to 70 years.

How many years have someone who has kidney cancer survived? All depend on the defense system in the patient’s body.

However, in general, the survival rate of each patient after undergoing nephrectomy surgery for 5 years is 35-40%. Whereas, which lasts up to 10 years, as much as 17% -30%.

In fact, the incidence of kidney cancer is very high. However, it is really worrying that not many people know the cause of this cancer. Here are some things that cause someone to develop kidney cancer.

People who have a smoking habit, especially those who are already in the addiction stage, are certainly more likely to get kidney cancer. Especially if the cigarette addict, aged over 30-40 years.

Obesity and hypertension
Kidney cancer is also very potential due to both diseases. Therefore, you should be more responsive to maintaining your body’s health if you suffer from obesity and high blood pressure.

Exposure to radiation beam
The incidence of kidney cancer can also be caused by exposure to radioactive rays, even in low levels even though for a long time, the radiation beam will accumulate more in the body.

Field of work
Beware of those of you who work in the following fields: metal, newspaper printing, petrochemical workers, coal charcoal workers, which can increase the risk of kidney cancer.

Genetic factors
A person’s genetics can also be reduced. A person in a family environment with a history of kidney cancer has a higher chance of contracting this disease compared to people who do not have a history in the family lineage.

Food and medicine
According to a survey, consumption of dairy products, animal protein, and also high levels of fat, but not accompanied by consumption of fruits and vegetables, can be an important factor in someone suffering from kidney cancer.

What are the symptoms of this disease? Actually there are no typical symptoms caused by kidney cancer. However, in general, someone who is indicated to have kidney cancer can be seen from a lump in the stomach, urinating blood, and experiencing pain at the waist.

Then, if someone has been positive for kidney cancer, treatment options that can be done are by surgery, radiotherapy, immunotherapy, chemotherapy, and other types of therapy or combination of several therapies. Of course everyone has their own choice of what type of treatment will be used to paralyze kidney cancer in the body.

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