Why Are There Smokers Who Do Not Have Lung Cancer?

As we know, the main cause of lung cancer is cigarettes. However, not all smokers develop lung cancer and that does not mean that people who do not smoke are free from lung cancer.

Active smokers have a 13.6-fold risk. While passive smokers have a four-fold risk of lung cancer. In Clare Weeden’s research from Melbourne University in Australia, cigarettes increase lung cell damage and make basal stem cells more active, increasing mutations.

Even so, there are also active smokers who do not have lung cancer and there are passive smokers who have lung cancer. How did it happen? Let’s discuss them one by one.

Smoker, but not lung cancer

there are several risk factors that cause lung cancer. Someone over 40 years of age is at higher risk. However, age is not always a benchmark. the last few years are often found in people with lung cancer who are still 30 years old.

there is always the potential for growth of lung cancer cells in the human body. However, it can be cured by the body by itself. Every time, people pull and exhale. In certain moments there are mucosa or mucous membranes in the respiratory tract from the nose to the damaged bronchus. If the amount is small, the body can still repair it.

If there is a slip, he becomes abnormal, namely the seeds of cancer. But, it’s not that easy to become cancerous. There is a mechanism of the body itself to eliminate the abnormal. So not everyone has cancer.

Even so, for those of you who smoke do not then relax and not think about the risks that will occur. The risk is still greater in smokers. Smokers daily irritate with high intensity which causes changes in tissues and cells in the respiratory tract.

This triggers lung cancer cells. smokers misinterpret the low nicotine content (in cigarettes). When looking at the label, smokers tend to feel safer from disease and consume more cigarettes.

In fact, nicotine is only one of the carcinogens that trigger lung cancer. Nicotine is more dominant in addiction or addiction. The weaker the given level, the addicted person tends to smoke more. As a result, the irritation is more, and the risk is higher.

If you are aware and want to quit smoking to be healthy, that is the right choice. However, it takes at least 15 years after quitting smoking so that the lung condition is the same as a person who does not smoke.

Non-smokers, but lung cancer

lung cancer not only attacks active smokers. According to data in the UK, there are around 6,000 non-smokers diagnosed with lung cancer each year. Interestingly, most lung cancer patients and non-smokers are women.

However, no one can ascertain what causes women who do not smoke can also develop lung cancer. Experts suspect, this has something to do with genetic factors combined with exposure to cancer-triggering substances such as asbestos, radon gas, solvents, diesel engine exhaust fumes, as well as other people’s smoke exposure. There are other interesting findings revealed by Stephen Spiro of the British Lung Foundation.

According to Stephen, lung cancer experienced by non-smoking women may indeed have nothing to do with cigarette smoke. The reason, this deadly disease has often afflicted women in the early 20th century before the habit of smoking spread.

Several studies are still being done to identify the causes of lung cancer in passive smokers. Also read: Lung cancer in Asia is difficult to teach, experts find the cause Meanwhile, passive smokers who have lung cancer generally have the characteristics of woman, Asian, and nonmoker. Aru explained, by definition, categories of women, Asian, nonsmoker is often found among Asian women who do not smoke.

The type of cancer is typical histopathologically. Treatment is the same as other types of lung cancer, but tends to be found in a more advanced stage because there are no complaints. Our experience, lung cancer generally comes at an advanced stage (stage 3), because the symptoms of coughing that begin are considered as a normal cough and treated many times.

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