why can hot tea cause cancer?

Who doesn’t like hot tea drinks? Enjoying tea in a warm or hot state can make our minds quieter and more relaxed. Unfortunately, health experts say that we should not immediately sip tea when it is still hot because this can lead to cancer!

An anatomical pathology specialist health specialist named Dr. Evalina Suzana from Dharmais Cancer Hospital advised us not to drink tea directly in hot conditions. Be sure to wait until the temperature is around 80 degrees Celsius or when it’s just warm so that the antioxidant content can come out.

In a study published in the journal BMJ, it was mentioned that the habit of consuming tea while still in hot conditions could increase the risk of esophageal cancer, a cancer that attacks the windpipe into the stomach. In a study conducted at the Tehran University of Medical Sciences, health expert Farhad Islami said that those who like to drink hot tea tend to increase the risk of esophageal cancer 8 times greater than those who like to drink hot tea. This fact was obtained from data obtained from 300 people suffering from esophageal cancer and 571 people with healthy conditions.

Seeing this fact, it’s good that we wait for our hot tea to be warmer before we consume it. After all, consuming warm tea is also no less delicious, right?

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